What is my Level?


The intention of this ‘1RM Level Guideline’ is to have all participants register at the correct level as much as possible. Are you in doubt? Please indicate this when registering and we will work it out.

Please also check the Battle Weights and train all events as much as possible. You can always change level in preparation of the Battle.

The 1RM Level Guideline’ is nothing more than a guideline. Don’t make it too complicated for yourself. Strong(wo)man events are so dynamic that it’s impossible to estimate everything correctly.

But, do sign up at the appropriate level! Be honest and sincere! If you can lift and press the weights of a higher level than you are registered at, this will usually be seen in social media and you can be held accountable for it. You don’t want to be a ‘(yellow🎶) submarine’😉

In addition to wanting to avoid submarines, we also want to prevent inexperienced participants from underestimating the Battles and participating at too difficult a level. This reduces the risk of injury.

Do you have sufficient Strong(wo)man experience and do you want a level higher than what the ‘1RM Level Guideline’ indicates? No problem, have fun!

Example: Your 1RM Deadlift reads ‘level 3’ but your 1RM Clean & Press reads ‘level 2’, then take on the challenge at ‘Level 3’ and work on your Clean & Press.

If you want to participate in a lower weight class, you can, but you will of course be excluded from the ranking.

*All weight program are subject to change.

STRONGMAN BATTLES wants to make Strongman events more accessible to everyone at every level.

That is why we work with different levels. Level 1: beginner, 2: advanced, 3: experienced and 4: Pro-level.

With every Battle, we as an organization gain a lot of experience with the different levels, weight classes and the various battle components. We continue to learn and develop to make the future STRONGMAN BATTLES better every time.

We do this mainly to promote this fun branch of strength sports. Participate, help, don’t take yourself too seriously and above all just have fun!


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