Official Record Attempts

Are you a contender for breaking the Record for a certain lift?

Here with us at the Strongman Battles you can get a chance to make it official by breaking it at one of our competitions. You are allowed to just focus on breaking the record and not do the remaining events if you wish so.

Every Strongman Battles edition we schedule at least one of the possible Record events. For example in upcoming November 2022 edition you can do a Record attempt on ‘Max Dumbbell Press’ and ‘ Max Atlas Stone’ (120cm).

All equipment and weights will be weighted and documented on video. All attempts will also be documented on video to make sure it’s as official as we can make it for you.

To filter out only serious Record Attempts:

  • When you sign-up, state the lift you want to break the record of
  • State your country’s current record
  • Your current max weight of this lift
  • State your target weight you want to lift at our competition (This can be an estimation within a range. Example: estimated weight = 100-120kg)
  • If you are aiming for a weight that also breaks the European or World Record, make sure to also add this
  • Add in extra information/questions that you have to make sure everything is optimally prepared for you within our rules

Are you a real Record Breaker?

Sign-up and make it Official!

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